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Product Name:Assembly Line Solar Simulator
Product Type:Assembly Line Solar Simulator
Product Model:Assembly Line
Applications:Fiber Optical Communication,Aerospace & Defense
Next generation solar testing
The assembly line solar simulator is the most accuratein-line PV module tester in the industry.

With its long pulse illumination of 1 to 3 seconds, it enables high resolution IV measurements. Therefore it is perfectly suited to test the next generation of solar modules. Thin-film, hetero-junction, or modules with integrated electronics can be tested with AAA class precision.

The high resolution tests allow you to utilize every watt of module power and enables full optimization of your production process.

With its small footprint and reliable illumination system, it is the best choice for your PV production line.

Our solar simulators provide you the possiblity to test, inspect and certify your products with proven accuracy.

               Testing                                   Inspection                            Certification

Light Output
Longe pulse 1 to 3 seconds, or steady-state
   Spectral match
     0.75-1.25 (class A per IEC 60904-9, AM1.5 wavelength intervals 400-1100 nm)
   Spatial uniformity
     ± 2% (class A per IEC 60904-9)
   Temporal stability
     ± 2% (class A per IEC 60904-9)

Light technology
   Lamp type
     Mixed gas & halogen
   Min. rated lamp life gas
     9000 hrs
   Min. rated lamp life halogen
     1 million test cycles
   Number of lamps
     28/ m2

Optional Add-ons
- Back-end line
- Production optimization
- Shutter
- Cold-sky infrared filter
- Light monitoring equipment

   Mains connection
     3 phase + N + PE, 16/32/64 A
   Mains voltage
     3 x 380 V ±15%
   Mains frequency
     45-65 Hz
   Power consumption
     4,2 kW / m2

   Product size1
     2800 (l) x 2400 (w) x 780 (h) mm
   Product weight1
     Approx. 620 kg
   Max. solar module size1
     2000 x 1200 mm
     (1other dimensions available on request)