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Product Name:Oxygen Dipping Probe
Product Type:Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Product Model:DP-PSt3
Applications:Water Quality Analysis,Biopharmaceutical,Cosmetic Testing,Biochemistry/Molecular Biology,Life Sciences,Bio-Pharmaceutical Vaccine Industry

The Oxygen Dipping Probe consists of a polymer optical fiber with a polished distal tip which is coated with a planar oxygen-sensitive foil.

The end of the polymer optical fiber is covered with a highgrade steel tube to protect both the sensor material and the optical fiber. The steel tube has an outer diameter of 4 mm and a length of 10 cm. The diameter of the fiber itself is 2 mm.

The standard fiber cable length is 2.5 m; the outer diameter of the cable is 2.8 mm. If a cable length of more than 2.5 m (maximum 15 m) is required, please contact
our service team.

• Measuring range: 0 % to 50 % oxygen saturation (0 – 22.6 mg/L)
• Limit of detection: 15 ppb dissolved oxygen (0.03 % oxygen saturation)
• Compatible to the oxygen meters Fibox 3, Fibox 3 LCD v3, OXY-4 mini,    OXY-10 mini, Fibox 3 trace, OXY-4 trace v3, OXY-10 trace v3 and Fibox    3 LCD trace v4
• Very robust sensor with excellent long-term stability (more than 100,000 data    points without drift)
• Suitable for process application
• Sterilizable: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), ethyl alcohol (EtOH), gamma    irradiation
• Not autoclavable

Ordering Information:
Oxygen Dipping Probe with oxygen sensitive coating 0 - 50 % oxygen saturation

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L2.5: length of optical fiber is 2.5 m
St10: length of steel tube is 10 cm
YOP: with additional optical isolation