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Product Name:NS 500Nanoparticle Anlaysis Instrument
Product Type:Automatic Analyzer Nanoparticles
Product Model:NS 500
Applications:Biopharmaceutical,Cosmetic Testing,Nano-Particle Size Testing,Biochemistry/Molecular Biology,New Materials&New Energy Research,Life Sciences,Bio-Pharmaceutical Vaccine Industry


With the NS500 you can analyse the presence, size distribution, concentration and fluorescence of all types of nanoparticles from 10nm to 2000nm depending on the instrument configuration and sample type.

Samples are introduced into the viewing chamber using the on-board fluidics capability. On-screen pump control allows for automatic sample handling, including loading, washing and dilution. Computer-controlled motorised optical stages enable rapid relocation and refocussing following cleaning, improving reproducibility. Sample temperature is fully programmable through the NTA Software Suite.

Particle-by-particle approach allows better resolution of particle sizes.
Requires no information about solvent refractive index.
Get the information of particle size, concentration and intensity.

●  Particle type: any
●  Solvent: any non-corrosive solvent and water. A range of solvent-resistant seals are available.
●  Nanoparticle analysis range: typically 10 nm - 2000 nm, dependent on particle material
●  No requirement for refractive index data.
●  Use NTA technology to calculate the particle size and size distribution.

● Ceramic and metallic nanoparticles
●  Pharmaceutical nanoparticles - liposomes
●  Viruses
●  Carbon nanotubes (multi-walled)
●  Colloidal suspensions and polymer nanoparticles
●  Cosmetics and foodstuffs
●  Nanoparticles in fuels and oils (soot, catalyst, wax etc.)
●  Wear debris in lubricants
●  Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries
●  Nanotoxicology studies
●  Vaccine
●  Nanomaterials

● Nanoparticle analysis range: typically 10 nm - 2000 nm, dependent on particle material
●  Resolution:1:1.33
●  Sample volume requirements: 0.25 ml
●  Power requirement (own adapter supplied): 110-220V
●  Laser output: 75mW at 532 nm (Class 1 Laser Product)