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Product Name:Industrial 3D Printing
Product Type:Polymer 3D Printing
Product Model:Method
Applications:Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

Industrial 3D Printing for Every Engineer

Next-Generation desktop 3D printing platform that delivers manufacturing-grade parts with advanced engineering materials.


Heated Chamber Delivers Stronger Manufacturing-Grade Parts

- A Heated Chamber produces stronger parts than a heated build plate
- Achieve consistent strength in three axis with recirculating heat on every layer
- Print real ABS, ASA, and PC-ABS with superior mechanical and thermal properties than modified desktop 3D printer formulations.



Open Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials

- Print with official MakerBot materials including Nylon Carbon Fiber, ABS, Nylon, PC-ABS and SR-30 – each carefully tested for thousands of hours to achieve engineering standards of printed part dimensional accuracy and strength.
- Access unlimited materials with an Open Materials Platform enabled by MakerBot LABS. Print advanced materials, such as ABS Carbon, TPE (flexible), PETG ESD, and PC.



Guaranteed Part Accuracy and SR-30 Soluble Support

-Complex geometries that are impossible to print with advanced materials on a desktop 3D printer – Enabled by Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports
-The only printer in its class to guarantee finished part dimensional accuracy ± 0.2mm (± 0.007in). 
-Print complex assemblies that fit with tight tolerances – every time.



Save Engineering Time with an Automated Workflow and CAD Integration

-Put an end to tinkering and time-consuming printer upkeep with the most streamlined workflow in the industry, including automated material handling, build plate leveling, and extruder calibration.
-Keep your projects moving and enjoy enjoy peace of mind with our leading in-house customer support and MakerCare machine hot swap.