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Product Name:VisiSensTM Detector Unit
Product Type:Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Product Model:VisiSensTM
Applications:Water Quality Analysis,Biopharmaceutical,Cosmetic Testing

The Detector Unit DU01 is an imaging technology allowing easy 2D visualization of oxygen distributions in e. g. living, heterogeneous samples. The handheld digital camera records pixel by pixel sensor responses, capturing information of a whole array of sensor points. With VisiSens™ spatial and temporal changes of oxygen can be monitored. The software allows controlling the image recording process, and assists image processing and evaluation. An easy to use camera controlling user interface manages image acquisition and storage. Measurements which belong together can be organized in user defined sessions as separate folders and annotated with a free text comment. Acquired images can be single images or automatically recorded time series.

· Read-out of O2 sensor foils

· More than 100,000 measurement points within one recorded image

· USB-powered portable microscope detector unit

· Small to medium size field of view (4.6 mm² to 13.5 cm²)

· Image processing and evaluation software included

· Visualize spatial and temporal gradients

· Time-lapse analyte movies