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Product Name:SFR Shake Flask Reader
Product Type:pH Meter
Product Model:SFR
Applications:Water Quality Analysis,Biopharmaceutical,Cosmetic Testing

The SFR Shake Flask Reader monitors pH, oxygen and OUR in up to 9 Erlenmeyer flasks, cultivation tubes, or T-flasks simultaneously. It fits in nearly all standard shakers. Measurement data is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to your PC / notebook. The corresponding ready-to-use vessels contain pre-calibrated sensor spots. The system monitors non-invasively through the transparent bottom of the container. Different types and sizes of flasks and tubes are available. Plastic, disposable flasks contain pre-calibrated oxygen and pH sensors, while re-usable glass flasks are equipped with autoclavable oxygen sensors.

· Fast monitoring of up to 63 shake flasks in parallel

· For microbial and cell culture

· Pre-calibrated cultivation vessels are ready-to-use

· Compatible with standard shakers

· Glass & plastic flasks in different sizes available

· Non-invasive measurement

· Used in seed train & bioprocess development