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Product Name:Firestar f100 CO2Laser
Product Type:F Series CO2Laser
Product Model:Firestar f100
Applications:CO2Laser Processing System

The firestar f100 is constructed around the basic building block of all f-serieslasers, Synrad's patented, compact free-space resonator tube. Together with the f-series' innovative integrated on-board RF drive system, the f100 represents the industry's smallest fully RF integrated 100 watt laser solution.

The firestar f100's tube design creates a laser that is only 25.1 inches in length and operates from a single low-cost 96 VDC power supply. In applications where space constraints can be a key project requirement, the f100 is a perfect fit.

● Low cost design
● Small footprint, compact size
● Water-cooled, linear polarization
● OEM & keyswitch models