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Product Name:Emergency Personal Eyewashes
Product Type:Security Products
Product Model:06796-33

● Flexible, form-fitting eye cup ensures gentle and effective rinsing
● Bendable eye cup keeps eyelid open during use
● All solutions meet FDA regulation, U.S. Federal Regulations, and comply with ANSI standards for personal eyewash

Ideal for emergency rinsing of debris, and neutralization of acids or alkalis in the eyes. Bottles with a green eye cup are sterile saline eye wash; use to wash particulate debris from the eye. Bottles with blue eye cups contain a sterile phosphate buffer solution; use to rapidly neutralize acids, alkalis, and other chemicals in the eye.
To use simply twist the cap to open, apply the eye cup to the affected eye, and squeeze the bottle. Control the flow of solution with hand pressure on the bottle for more efficient rinsing and less waste. Each bottle of DUO eyewash releases two streams to rinse both eyes at once.

Compliance: ANSI Z358.1-2004

Product Type Bottle/Personal Eyewash
CE Compliance Yes
Brand Scienceware
Manufacturer number F24880-4002
Model F24880-4002