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    As VRLab Academy, our aim is to create a conjoint world of innovation and joyful education. We targeted waste-free, attractive and useful design. VRLab Academy makes advanced virtual science education possible to have for institutions?taht?aim to evolve their educational environment, students that want to improve their scientific skills and learn all about it from first hand. But don’t worry if you are none of them, VRLab Academy is here for every science enthusiast.
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Enthalpy Experiment
Model:Enthalpy Experiment  Brands:VRLab

Determining Mole Experiment
Model:Determining Mole Experiment  Brands:VRLab

Acid Base Titration Experiments
Model:Acid Base Titration Experiments  Brands:VRLab
To learn ph values of acids and bases. Observe titration curves of acids and bases. Investigate volume and ph values .

Ideal Gas Laws Experiment
Model:Ideal Gas Laws Experiment  Brands:VRLab
- Observation of pressure and volume relation - Observation of temperature and volume relation

Anatomy VR
Model:Anatomy VR  Brands:VRLab
To get information about human body sytems To get information about organs Observe the function of organs

Photosynthesis Experiment
Model:Photosynthesis Experiment  Brands:VRLab
To learn what gases are used and produced by plants. Which wavelenghts of light are used by chlorophyll. Observe how do pla...