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PASCO Scientific Wireless Sensors from Partner Name.
2016-2-5  Views:10119

New wireless sensors, which are the first in science education to be compatible across all operating system platforms, simplify lab setup and expand opportunities for hands-on learning.


City-Date-Sensor-based lab investigations provide richopportunities for students to deepen their science understanding and develop hands-on experience using tools like those used by real-life scientistsand engineers. To expand these learning experiences for geographic area students, partner name is pleased to offer local [e.g. schools or school systems] the first and only line of wireless sensors add URL to wireless sensors page on partners's website that are compatible with multiple technology platforms, including Windows®, Mac®, iPad® and iPhone®, Android™ tablets and phones, and Chromebooks.

Developed byPASCO® Scientific, a global leader in 21st century science education, the new lineincludes wirelesspH, temperature, pressure, and force/acceleration sensors. The wireless technology simplifies lab setup and removes the clutter of cables. As a result, students can spend more time exploring, andperform experiments that were difficult or impossible before. The wireless sensors also help schools save money by eliminating the need for a separate device to connectto a computer, tablet or smartphone. Students can simplytransmit the data directly fromthe wireless sensor to their device.

"Quote from partner about the benefits of the wireless sensors for local students,e.g. The new wireless sensors from PASCO Scientific offer local teachers dynamic new tools that empower students to reveal the invisible and unleash their imaginations,” said name, title for partner name. “e.g. With this new technology, students can deepen their understanding of science and spark their natural curiosity to learn more.

With prices starting at lowest price, the wireless sensors provide an affordable way for teachers to integrate sensors into their instruction to support inquiry-based learning. Further, withbattery lives of a semester,a year, or even longer, teachersdo not have toworry about whether their sensorsare ready to use.

PASCO wireless sensors are Bluetooth® Smart accessories and require Bluetooth Smart devices, or a USB Bluetooth adapter available from [PARTNER NAME]. In addition to the wireless sensors, partner name offers PASCO’s list other products available, e.g.probeware, equipment, lab manuals and experiments, and other products. Add details about local usage, e.g. Probewarefrom PASCO Scientificis recommended by the Ministry of Education and is currentlybeing used to transform science education in K–12 schools, colleges and universities across the country.

About PASCO Scientific
PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovative teaching and learning solutions for K–12 and higher education since 1964. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, educational researchers, engineers, and many others is committed to the advancement of STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions. For more information, visit