A Humidity Box specifically Designed for the Sirtaki by Bossa Nova Vision
2022-5-23  Views:584

At BOSSA NOVA Vision, the development of our Humidity Box came from the frustration we felt when we tried to test and purchase existing and affordable solutions on the market. Humidity control systems were either clunky or prohibitively expensive.

The system we ended up developing – specifically for hair swatch conditioning – has been proven to be very successful. It provides an easy-to-use solution for conditioning hair tresses in a humidity-controlled environment. It can help in recording time-lapses and other live measurements to help cosmetic scientists formulate the best product adapted to the need of their clients.

The system was – at first – built specifically to work with our BOLERO Lite and SHUFFLE system. By removing the front window, they can easily be integrated into the Humidity chamber, allowing simple volume and fly-away / frizz measurements. But then came many requests to adapt the system to different configurations.

In the meantime, we also developed an automatic combing rig whose purpose was to help with claims on combability and combing resistance of hair, the SIRTAKI. Its automatic version comes with a hair fiber counting capability. The detection and counting of broken hair fibers are then done through an imaging system that automatically and periodically inspects the trays.

Being able to perform these measurements in a humidity-controlled environment was an obvious step forward in expanding our systems’ capabilities and interoperability, and we designed a new humidity box able to fit our SIRTAKI system. It is significantly larger and contains an opening compatible with the opening and closing of the automatic tray displacement.

Of course, we are also considering developing custom-sized humidity boxes so if you have any special requests for your own humidity box, please contact us.