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Water Quality Analysis
    Including pure water and sewage detection devices, conventional detecting targets: pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, electrical conductivity, etc.
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Non-Invasive Oxygen Sensors
Model:SP-PSt3/SP-PSt6  Brands:PreSens
The non-invasive oxygen sensors measure the partial pressure of both dissol...

Oxygen Dipping Probe
Model:DP-PSt3  Brands:PreSens
The Oxygen Dipping Probe consists of a polymer optical fiber with a polish...

Needle-Type Housing Fiber-Optic Trace Oxygen Microsensor
Model:PSt1&NTH-TOS7  Brands:PreSens
The Needle-Type Housing Fiber-Optic Trace Oxygen Microsensor is a highly f...

Model:OXY-1 SMA  Brands:PreSens
Compact Fiber Optic Oxygen Meter

VisiSensTM Detector Unit
Model:VisiSensTM  Brands:PreSens
Device for 2D Oxygen Imaging